An important part of the service that Coventry Automotive can offer is engine preparation. A natural addition to the preparation of fast road and competition vehicles, engine upgrades and rebuilds have been high on the list of wants from customers. Coventry Automotive believe in giving customers what they want and have a dedicated engine build area which can cater for everything from a head gasket change to a full house race engine.

What you get out of an engine depends very much on the experience of the person carrying out the work, and Coventry Automotive has many years of build experience between Trevor and Principal Engine Builder Roy. They can repair and upgrade everything from an historic restoration side valve engine, to a quad cam V8 Aston Martin engine. Recent work includes: Peugeot 106, 205, 206 rally preparations; Jaguar 6 cylinder rebuilds; Rover V8’s from 3.5litre to 5.0 litre, including supercharging; 'A' series engines from 850cc to 1.4 litre; Imps up to 1150cc; and more Ford engines than you can shake a stick at, from Kents to Essex to BDGs. We can carry out cylinder head work from unleaded seats to big valve conversions to full porting as required.

If you would like just a basic engine tune, then we will be only to pleased to oblige. If you want more power from your engine from simple, relatively inexpensive, intake upgrades, through full engine lightening, balancing, blueprinting, head-porting to full rally or race, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. You will not be disappointed!

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