Coventry Automotive have been preparing rally cars for their own use for over thirty years. These have all been to the same high standard, to comply with the exacting safety and competition requirements of the governing bodies of motorsport both internationally and in the UK. The FIA and MSA standards are only the basis of the specification of the rally cars however, and we use our long standing experience to add our own ‘tricks of the trade’ to build cars which are both durable and quick, to ensure that any car prepared by us will give maximum enjoyment to the owner.

For over five years we have used our knowledge to prepare cars for customers, from single venue specials, to cars capable of competing on the World Rally Championship. Although best known for our Mini heritage we can prepare almost any make of car, and have been involved in many exciting projects, including cars for Rover Japan and Rover France.

Group A
Group A is the most popular class of rally car for ‘homologated’ cars. These cars are one step down from the full-blown works prepared WRC cars. Cars prepared to Group A can be used on all International events, and our yellow and blue Minis were prepared to full FIA regulations and have competed on World Rally Championship events with some notable successes. For the ambitious driver of modern cars, Group A gives the widest possibilities of competition throughout the world, and we can help you with your ambitions.
Group N
Group N is often referred to as the ‘showroom class’ though this doesn’t mean that it is as easy as taking a car from the showroom straight to the rally stage! There is still a lot of preparation work to be carried out to prepare a Group N car, but we have a long standing experience of such work. The yellow Mini was originally prepared to Group N regulations, but was considered too slow to be enjoyable by Trevor, a clear demonstration that the Group N regulations are stricter on modifications that are allowed than the Group A regulations. The one advantage though is that the cost of preparing a Group N car can be cheaper, something that many people take account of.
The Historic Rally scene has blossomed in the past few years, and it is now seen as good value for money. We at Coventry Automotive look after the preparation of many historic cars, and quite often the workshop is filled with several Minis that would have looked quite at home on the classic events of the sixties! Historic rally cars do not have to be built from cars that actually competed in the relevant years, they only have to be built from similar cars and to similar regulations. Once again, the regulations are put together to ensure that there is compatibility between cars in the same class, and that ‘modern’ updates are done within the spirit of Historic rallying and do not give the historic car an unnatural advantage.
We at Coventry Automotive have long been associated with the sprint and hillclimb world, and this low cost introduction to motorsport can be achieved with the minimum of outlay. This branch of motorsport can be done in the car you use everyday, with some minor safety modifications. If you are more competitive or can afford more expensive equipment maybe a big engined Caterham or Westfield would be more to your liking, or maybe a single seat racing car? We can help you prepare whatever appeals to you. Several of the key people involved with Coventry Automotive have been or still are keen sprinters, and we can offer advice on all aspects of the sport. See pictures of Dave Wyer’s Silva Striker sprint car in the gallery section. He has been very successful in the Midland championships with the car.

A logical extension to the sprint and hillclimb preparation work is for circuit racing cars. These can range from saloons to single seaters, and we have been involved in preparation of cars for this discipline. Let us know what you want, and we will do the work for you!

Trim Services
Coventry Automotive have a trimming capability that enables us to take on full and partial interior retrims on classic and modern cars to the highest standards. This facility a also allows us to modify the trim of any competition car so that the changes required are incorporated in a neat and tidy way. If you need trim work, why not give us a call and get a quote?